Our CADIZ is a blend of Merino and Alpaca. Both are regarded as one of the finest and softest wool not comparable of any other kind. Merino comes from a sheep and has the feature to be very stretchy, absorbs moisture easily and on top of it has a pleasant breathable fiber whereas the alpaca wool comes from the harvest of an alpaca, similar to a lama. They say that the Inca´s placed a higher value on those funny animals than on silver or gold. This is also a complete natural fiber that feels extremely soft and looks luxurious. Our CADIZ is available in variety of colors and we have also combined CADIZ with other yarns like MOHAVE in our cardigan Bright ICE, or in the sweater Milky Way. 


  • 70% Merino, 30% Alpaca

  • Woolprogramm 30°C or handwash

  • Use detergent for wool wash without softener

  • Never ever dry it a dryer