WOOLOBJECT is your handmade knitwear fashion label, based in Amsterdam. Inspired by Dutch and Icelandic friends, who shared her passion for knitting, Sacha Doetsch, founded WOOLOBJECT in 2014. Combined with her interest in fashion, art and traditional handicraft she creates stylish cool knits and crochets. In 2018 Sanny Bont joined the company. Together with Sanny, who is equally passionate about handmade extraordinary knitwear and home interiors, they now feel it is their challenge to combine an old and time-consuming activity with the fast, high tech and virtual influences of the modern times.

Motivated by their knowledge that knitting and crochet takes away a lot of the daily stress and pressure, they will convince you that creating something gorgeous at the same time, will give you the same fulfilling experience!  

The Collection:

At first the entire collection of cardigans, sweaters, scarves, plaids and home accessories was made of Icelandic wool only. For all of the good reasons of course! ICE looks stylish and cool at the same time, but our desire grew to design a collection also for the non-arctic among us and more important for the whole year round. Therefore we chose to add other fibers like Alpaca, Merino, Mohave and Cotton. We were able to keep the combination of traditonal hand art, timeless fashion and trendy street styles as the basis of the collection. WOOLOBJECT believes in the development of an idea, the proces of a new creation combined with YOUR personal touch. When magic happens and we feel that a design is ready for you, we add it to the WOOLOBJECT collection to stay, season after season.


Knit your own:

The whole collection is handmade only and designed to suit you. That means that our designs are suitable for all levels but if you don’t feel up to (kn)it, we have the solution: our team of Dutch knitters will knit your WOOLOBJECT for you! They make your WOOLOBJECT special to you as we make it with the same passion and love, stitch by stitch. This makes every WOOLOBJECT both unique and precious, like YOU!